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 Efficient, Eco-Friendly Designs in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire

Energy efficient homes are a great way of saving money in the long term. Investing in an eco-friendly design, created by richard haig architect in Newark, Nottinghamshire, you will vastly lower the outgoing energy of your new home. Not only will you save money on your energy bills, but you’ll also help the environment in the process. Working throughout Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, these plans benefit you and the world around you.

Why Go Green?

Why Go Green?

  • Natural and Renewable Materials

  • Reduced Energy Expenditure

  • Improved Insulation and Airtightness

  • Excellent Air Quality, without Condensation

Unique Features

With a wealth of experience in designing and building eco-friendly homes, Richard recommends designs including:

Unique Features

  • Solar Electric Panels

  • Solar Thermal Panels

  • Wood Burners

Moreover, he also aims to keep dust to a minimum, by avoiding carpets and installing pollen filters throughout the property. Inspired by the German trend of a Baubiologie, these plans use insulation rather than central heating, which reduces energy expenditure while still keeping the property warm.

Healthy Buildings

With careful planning, it couldn’t be easier to live in an environmentally friendly home. Designed with your personal benefits in mind, eco-friendly home plans will save you money, keep you healthy, and help to protect the environment all at the same time.

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